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IP KVM Switch

Model No:SK-1716I
16-port rackmountable IP based KVM switch supporting both USB and PS/2 interfaces for computer connections. With the remote IP access function, server administrator can remotely login a thin-client software viewer for maintenance operations in his own location over internet or from any office of the company over company’s LAN anytime without toils and troubles of moving.
  • Features & Spec.


  • 16-port IP-based Cascadable 19” Rackmount USB PS/2 KVM Switch
  • Provides remote control over IP
  • Raritan IP chipset insided
  • USB and PS/2 Dual Interface support on PC side
  • Build-in 2nd console with 2*USB 1.1 interface port
  • Operation and channel selection by front-panel buttons, keyboard hotkeys and OSD menu 
  • LED port indicators for easy port status monitoring
  • Autoscan mode for quick browsing of all connected computers
  • Serial port for external modem/remote power control device
  • Total control over the remote server from BIOS level up to GUI applications
  • Ultra-security using full 1024-bit PKI Authentication / 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Work with LDAP / RADIUS / Active Directory Servers
  • Ethernet 10/100 and serial PPP server and client connections TCP/IP remote connection
  • SSL-encrypted Web Management Interface for all settings and upgrade/backup features Thin-client Viewer Program
  • Win-32 viewer and Java viewer for cross-platform compatibility
  • Multiple viewer instances can be run on a same client computer
  • IP remote control supports up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60 Hz resolution
  • JPEG Compression option for low bandwidth internet connections
  • 1024-bit Public key Authentication using certificates generated by an external CA
  • 256-bit SSL Encryption for keyboard, mouse and video signal transmissions
  • Remote authentication support for LDAP or RADIUS servers
  • RADIUS accounting support
  • 3 SSL security levels : No authentication – No encryption /  Server Authentication – SSL encryption / Server & Client authentication – SSL encryption
  • 3 password policies :   No Password /   One global password for all users /  One different password for each user Alarms and Notifications
  • Alert e-mail notification and SNMP trap messages for critical server events such as No Video, Blue Screen and NumLock Test Failure User Management
  • User login either by querying the local user database or by connection to remote LDAP or RADIUS server
  • 3 user privileges :   SUPERADMIN – to access complete set of management features and user features, including Power ON-OFF remote servers  /  ADMIN – partial set of management and all user features  /  USER – only user features User Group management
  • Automatic Daylight Saving management Maintenance and KVM management
  • Upgrades automatically any KVM switch whose software is not the latest
  • Setup remotely the name of computers that are displayed in the OSD, the local user name and password


Model no. SK-1716I
PC Connected 16
PC Selection Pushbuttom switch , Hot- Keys, OSD
Console Interface 1* USB KBD & 1*USB MOUSE
1* PS/2 KBD & 1*PS/2 MOUSE
1*Daisy Chain-IN, 1*Daisy Chain-OUT
Serial Port DB-9 Male
Console USB HUB 2 * USB 2.0 Type A Female
AUTO-SCAN 5 ~95 Sec.
VIDEO Resolution 2048x1536 max.
Digital IP Resolution 1600x1200 max.
Power Source AC110~220V - DC9V/ 2A
LED Indicatiors 16
Dimension 410*165*44.5mm
Accessory 1U Rack Panel *1
DC9V 2A Power Adapter *1