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Matrix Cat5 KVM

Model No:SK-0232
SK-0232 is a rackmountable 32-port CAT5 KVM switch allowing two users to access any two of the 32 connected computers simultaneously. With CAT5 technology, this model adopts easily manageable CATx cables (CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6) instead of the cumbersome KVM combo cables. The cabling extension distance can be up to 300M with CATx cable yet keeping a clear video quality. Besides, this model supports both PS/2 and USB interface for computer side connection. It can be daisy-chained up to eight units, controlling up to 256 computers.
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  • Dual interface support for PS/2 and USB interface connections on both console and computer side.
  • OSD Menu Control for unit configuration and switching operation
  • System events (cables plugging in/off, computer power on/off, etc.) real-time notification on OSD popups
  • Hotkey sequence configurable (Scroll Lock, CAPS, Esc, Num, F12)
  • CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 UTP cable for KVM signals transmission
  • Cabling distance up to 300 M / 1000 ft
  • Daisy-chainable to 8 units controlling up to 256 computersUtilize a same computer modules -- PC CIM ( SK02UP ) -- for both USB and PS/2 computer connections
  • Bank/port selection and operation using keyboard hotkeys and OSD menu
  • OSD menu functional features including
  •      Port selection
  •      Active port indication on console OSD
  •      Computer connection type indication (PS/2 or USB)
  •      Computer naming
  •      Load default
  •      Password protection enable/disable
  •      Firmware upgrade
  •      Cascaded KVM bank listing
  •      8-user profile setting for each and every port access control
  •      OSD time out
  •      OSD title bar on/off
  •      Autologout timeout
  •      Autoscan period
  • Dual numerical LED displays to show bank numbering
  • Port LED indicators to show port status (Active / Online)
  • 19” rack mount design with metal enclosure for best shielding and protection
  • Support for Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/7, Linux, Mac and Sun.


Model No. SK-0232
PC port 32 x RJ45
Console Port Dual Console - 2* USB console + 2* PS/2 console
Max. PC Connection 256  computers ( SK-0232 x 8)
PC selection Hot-keys / OSD
PC port LED s 32 x 2 (Red LED for connected state/Green LED for active state)
Scan delay time 5 ~ 99 sec (programmable through OSD menu option)
Daisy-chain Port DB-26Pin
Dimension (L x W x H) 438 × 220 × 44 mm , 19”1u
Power DC9V 2A
Option SK-02UP USB+PS/2 PC Module ,  10cm Chain Cable