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VGA Splitter

Model No:VS-112i
VS-112i is an embedded card type signal booster and duplicator which can take video input from a single source,broadcast and display it on two monitors using analog signals in a distance up to 210 feet
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  • One video input with 2 video outputs 
  • Transmission distance of 210 feet 
  • Suitable for SVGA, VGA, XGA,QXGA and Multi-sync monitors 
  • Daisy-chain multiple units together for even more outputs 
  • Supports 450 MHz video bandwidth 
  • High resolution setting of 2048x1536 in 24 or 32-bit true color mode 
  • Compact and unique design


Model no. VS-112i
VGA Output 2
Resolution 2048*1536 max.
Bandwidth 450MHz
Dimension 123*55*20 mm
Bracket 120 mm (standard)
Accessories Cable to PC VGA  HD15M/15F 35cm *1,
Power Supply cable 23cm *1