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Desktop Lock

Model No:TL-880
The TL-880 locks to your desktop computer and is secured, using the supplied cable, to a desk leg or other immovable object。 The sturdy barrel lock assembly attaches to one of your computers standard case screw locations。 A secondary cable holder means the removable side panels of both sides of a 'tower' style case can also be protected。 Monitor, keyboard,mouse and other device cables can be locked into the built-in cable trap。
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  • Requires no special tools to install
  • Protects both sides of the computer case and the attached peripherals
  • No adhesives or modification to the Desktop Computer
  • Robust, key operated barrel lock
  • Durable, plastic covered, steel cable
  • A security cable length: 1.5m ( 5 feet )
  • Supplied with 2 keys  


Model No.
Key Code Combination 500 Codes Combination Same Code (#40801) 


  • Specially designed lock (patented) cable trap x1
  • Tubular keys x2
  • LCD chip barrel & screws x1
  • 1.5m steel cable x1
How to Install: 1.)Screw the lock and barrel onto a case screw 2.)Stick the LCD chip into security slot 3.)Anchor the cable to loop around immovable object (table leg) 4.)Pull the steel cable through the chip & barrel to block access to the screws so they can't be unscrewed 5.)Stick the steel cable into the square hole of the lock 6.)Place monitor、printer、USB mouse cables、 etc into the cable trap 7.)Place the trap in the lock to block access to the screws so they can't be unscrewed 8.)Push to lock. (without keys)